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table lamp

table lamp with base in manual glass.

The lampshade is in fabric.

lamp dimensions without metal base

D:250mm | H:500mm

dimensions of lamp with metal base

D:350mm | H:520mm

lampshade dimensions of the lamp without metal base

D:250mm | H:250mm

lampshade dimensions of the lamp with metal base

D:350mm | H:250mm




Our new CACTUS glass lamp collection is inspired by the unique beauty and resilient strength of cacti. In this collection, cactus spines, which in nature are a weapon of protection, are transformed into a way of spreading light and breaking the clean and simple form of glass.

 Each piece in this collection is a celebration of creativity and joy, with a Pop and relaxed spirit. The organic shapes of cacti are masterfully captured in glass, creating pieces that are both delicate and impactful. They create a warm and cozy atmosphere, inviting moments of relaxation and introspection.

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