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The PURA MESTRIA Project brings together the concepts developed by 3 Portuguese Designers where glass is combined with other noble materials to create designer pieces that express the cultural and personal visions of these Designers for lighting.  

The general concept of this project is the combination of manual techniques of manufacture, made by experienced and knowledgeable people - Mestres (in English, Masters) and the use of noble materials (wood, glass, metals, ceramics, ..) used whenever possible in their purest form, Without attempts to try to mask their most striking features. Here, in the central zone of Portugal, we have all these human resources at our disposal, so we had the opportunity to work directly with these people and know their capabilities, as well as getting to know the materials that they work with.    

This is a project that intends to define a Portuguese identity within the current time frame and define a course so that it can stand out in a global panorama.


Jorge Lourenço

His path was always marked by the strong connection he maintained with the noble materials: glass, ceramics, wood and metal. His work reflects this, pieces that bear the assumed and undisguised use of materials in their pure state. On the other hand the semantics of their pieces show a passion for form, this is used as a vehicle of communication between the object and the user.


Mariana Costa e Silva

Born in 1980 in Azores. Gradueted in Product Design by FBAUL.

Was distinguished on competitions: Jovem Designer ICEP 2000, 2001 e 2002, Jovens Criadores 2002, Série Limitada Renault Clio, Design Wise 2.0, V Concurso Formica Creativa, Prémio Massimo Dutti Design e Prémio Nacional Industrias Criativas Unicer/Serralves.

Was designer on Farame, superviser of the Industrial Design Workshop in the FBAUL, on ID department of Castelhano e Ferreira and own to brands the Confeitaria da mala and CUT furniture.


Ricardo Santo

Born in Leiria, in 1976.        
Graduated in industrial design from ESAD in Caldas da Rainha, with a postgraduate degree in the same area at the Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa. As an industrial designer, he has traveled essentially in the furniture industry and interiors of commercial spaces.

In addition to several awards in the field of illustration and comics, in 2014 he won a second place in the Home Design Contest Home Sweet Home by SIEMENS. Still as a designer, he joined the international group The AKER Project, for the development of modular kits for organic farming in urban space, in an open source system. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he works as a designer, animator and illustrator.


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