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In a world where personal identity is diminished by the massification of one unique identity and where the extremes meet, crushing the personality and individuality, Crisbase is in the middle and creates a place for a new world of identities and personalities.

Our most important objective is to create products that are really distinct, unique, with character, breaking away from the dullness of purely industrial products.


How do we do it?

During production, we create a symbiosis between what is handcrafted and what is industrial. We gather and use all the knowledge of the art of working with glass from Master Glassmakers and their long history, over 250 years, here at Marinha Grande.

To this we add creativity and the will for breaking barriers of our Designers, and last but not least, we use the best technology in illumination, existent in Europe

On the other hand we use our own material, already noble, with other noble materials, like nickel metals, natural wood, cork…..

Last and maybe the most important, we use our national identity, the same one where you can find, fado, passion, attitude and the courage to follow in new directions to create the best glass lamp possible.


This is Crisbase.




All our pieces are hand made by Glass Masters, Masters who have a long Family tradition in the Glass sector. So all our production is carried out with traditional methods from manufacturing to finishing. The whole tradition combined with new aesthetic concepts enhances unique and personal pieces of great character. See here our glass lamps.

Based on our strategy of approaching the client, Crisbase regularly participates in the largest international Fairs related to Lighting and Decoration, as well as in Design events. We take advantage of these events to reveal the new products to our customers and also to make our company known to other markets. Here we leave our route of the most important fairs and events where we were present.




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All our glass pieces are manufactured according to artisanal and ancient methods. The domain of the art of glass making  is something that is deeply rooted in the industrial culture of Marinha Grande, this knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, and nowadays it has taken a very personal and artistic dimension in the way manufacturing this noble material is approached.





Rua do Repouso Nº46, Casal Galego

2430-085 Marinha Grande


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