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manual glass lamp with an outer layer of colored glass grain.

lamp dimensions

D: 250mm | H: 210mm



The Second Skin collection was born out of our passion for exploring new possibilities and challenging convention. In this innovative collection, we dared to break with the traditional by incorporating colored glass grains on the outer surface of the lamps, instead of between two layers of glass.


By adopting this approach, we managed to create a unique texture that interacts as if it were skin, offering a tactile and visually impressive experience, creating an additional dimension to the piece.

Each piece is unique, with variations in colors, sizes and the arrangement of the glass grains, ensuring that no two lamps are the same.


This collection aims not only to illuminate spaces, but also to stimulate the senses and evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder. By touching the textured surface of the Second Skin lamp, we are invited to explore the harmonious marriage between the shape, color and texture of the glass.

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